Users, test environments and specialists

for user driven design

Successful products and services with OULLabs

Involve the end user in your development process to help you achieve success!
OULLabs  is a convenient one-stop-shop for target-group-specific test users, versatile test environments and specialist services to support the development of your product or service.

Be a forerunner and develop your product or service in innovative ways in co-operation with users. This may consist of a single, one-time test or may be continuous evaluation at the different stages of the design process.

User recruitment

Target-group-specific test users for creating, developing and testing your product or service.

Example of the service: test users were recruited to test and evaluate Sensorfit’s Calories In-Out mobile app

Test environments

Test environments for collecting realistic user experiences of your product or service.

Example of the service: residents of Oulu were involved in the development of the Hiukkavaara neighbourhood in several test environments

Specialist services

Our specialists will collect user experience data on your behalf utilising their expertise.

Example of the service: the OULLabs specialist team helped involve residents and employees in the development of remote services.


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