OULLabs is involved in the development of future hospital and airport services

OULLabs  has promoted living lab approach for companies and organizations especially in the Oulu region in Finland. OULLabs expertise has been recognized in the region through several successful living lab activities with companies and public sector. Recently, OULLabs has participated two healthcare related projects WILLE (Wireless Lab Environment for Business) and YSI (University hospitals as innovation platforms). In the WILLE project, the aim of which is to create a service co-creation platform to be used in designing innovative services for the hospital environment, OULLabs specialists Sari Komulainen and Satu Väinämö have actively contributed to the core achievements of the project by designing the Co-creation Model for healthcare testing environment (see picture). The more detailed definition of the model is available here.

In YSI project OULLabs co-operates with two Finnish university hospitals in Turku and in Oulu. OULLabs services, in particular the user involvement open innovation platform PATIO has been used in both cases for evaluation. In Turku, PATIO tool was used in late 2016 for the evaluation of healthcare related needs collected from hospitals and other healthcare organizations. PATIO provided a platform to collect and evaluate these needs in a closed online group which also enabled interaction between the jury members.  In Oulu, YSI project organized in the spring 2017 an innovation contest aiming to find solutions for future hospital services. PATIO platform was used also here: a wide group of healthcare professionals evaluated the solutions through PATIO tool. PATIO will be exploited again later this year for the YSI pilot project co-creation phase provided by OULLabs i.a. for involving patients and healthcare professionals to develop the YSI innovation contest winner companies’ solutions together to the next level.

Co-creation practices are also being introduced to develop services at the airport: Finavia IdeaSprint is seeking companies’ solutions for the future airport services. The best solutions selected from IdeaSprint will be further developed together with various stakeholders in accordance with the OULLabs’ co-creation model. Winner solutions are possibly piloted at the Oulu Airport. IdeaSprint for Finavia is organized by BusinessOulu, OULLabs and 6Aika Open Innovation Platforms project.

More information:  contact@oullabs.fi