Ideas for future welfare services

Ideas for future welfare services

Residents of Oulu took part in the creation and evaluation of future welfare services on the PATIO forum. The goal of the project was to collect
and evaluate ideas from residents regarding future welfare services and support for the elderly living at home.

This collection of ideas was realised in cooperation between the Avaus project of the City of Oulu and the MAINIO project that is responsible for the development of OULLabs (2012-2014). The methods of participation utilised were an online discussion on the PATIO forum and an idea evaluation application that was used via UBI displays located around the city.

The PATIO discussion was divided into three age groups and moderated by a specialist. The wellbeing ideas were evaluated by giving them a thumbs up or thumbs down on the UBI displays placed around the city of Oulu. OULLabs recruited the test users according to selection criteria, conducted the surveys and compiled a report of the results.

Over 550 residents took part in the collection and evaluation of ideas. With the help of the UBI survey elderly residents were especially involved in this project. The results gave meaningful insights into the needs related to wellbeing services and the everyday life of the elderly who live at home. The results were used to support the future wellbeing plans of the City of Oulu.