Residents of Oulu take part in the development of Hiukkavaara

Residents of Oulu take part in the development of Hiukkavaara








Hiukkavaara, the winter city of your dreams

The Hiukkavaara neighbourhood of Oulu is aiming to become a model area for sustainable urban planning. Feedback and development ideas are collected from residents at every stage of the planning process. The surveys conducted in co-operation with the INURDECO project of the City of Oulu and the MAINIO project at the first stage of the planning process aimed to involve residents in the development of the winter city and Hiukkavaara as well as to develop and study new methods of involving residents.

The surveys were carried out via UBI hotspots and ZEF feedback tools. There was also an online discussion on the PATIO forum. A group of residents selected from among the people who participated in the PATIO discussion also evaluated the future city in the CAVE 3D virtual laboratory. The CAVE test group also gave their feedback via PATIO.

Overall, the project involved over 200 residents. Unique methods were used to involve the participants. The PATIO forum was used to successfully involve young people in the planning process. This project yielded plenty of useful ideas to support the INURDECO planning project.