Target-group-specific test users for creating, developing and testing your product or service.

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Test environments


Versatile test environments for collecting realistic user experiences of your product or service.

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Specialist services


Our specialists will collect user experience data on your behalf utilising their expertise.

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Service Packages


Here you may browse examples of our service packages.

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PATIO forum for recruitment of users and collection of user experience online


The PATIO forum is an online tool for recruiting test users and collecting user experience data.
We provide target-group-specific test users and effortless collection of user experience data via our PATIO online tool. Test users may also be invited to testing or evaluation that takes place on-site. The PATIO forum gives you a quick and easy way to see how users react to your service, product or idea at different stages of the development process.


Example of the service: 10 test users and use of PATIO forum for two weeks.
We will recruit the test users for online discussion on the PATIO forum and/or on-site testing on your behalf. As an additional service we can also provide specialists to moderate and guide the discussion. We also lease testing facilities and environments.


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Test environments for collecting realistic user experiences

The versatile test environments of OULLabs enable you to involve the end user in the development process of your product or service in ways never seen before. The users can evaluate or test the product or service in one or more test environments.

Example of the service: 10 test users and a suitable test environment.
We recruit the test users and procure the test environments on your behalf. As an additional service, we can also provide specialists to observe the testing, interview the users or analyse the results.

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Library Showroom of the Oulu City Library

Oulu City Library is developing and setting up a Library showroom which would offer library visitors opportunities to explore innovative new products and services in the library space. The main library of Oulu receives an average of 1000 visitors per day. Our showroom will be present in the main entrance of the library. Companies, startups and labs will have the opportunity to introduce their products, prototypes and services to the clients of the library, who will be able to learn about the presented product or service and give feedback about it.


3D Virtual Laboratories

Our 3D Virtual Laboratories can be used simultaneously to visualise buildings, urban plans, machines and devices to a wide audience. The environment or model is displayed realistically on a large screen so that the intended users can make observations about it. The visualised models are the same size as they would be in real life, which facilitates tangible understanding and observation of details. This means that potential problems can be already solved in the design stage instead of having to fix them after years of use at high expense.

Our 3D Virtual Laboratories are situated at Oulu University of Applied Sciences and in the premises of the Center for Internet Excellence (CIE) at the University of Oulu.


TTKaakkuri Product Testing

Testing in real health care environment gives product developer good tools to end up with a solution that serves users the best way. Via OULLabs you can conveniently seek the views of both health care professionals and health care services. Discover TTKaakkuri’s real environment in more detail.



LeaForum is a new research community and infrastructure for R&D, multi-disciplinary interaction research and common equipment resources for recording and observation.

Among other things LeaF research space includes service and user-centered design equipment e.g. Creativity Corner and eye tracking devices. Also advanced audio visual services and MORE – multimodal observation and recording system are available. The space itself is cozy and convertible.


CNL Converging Networks Laboratory

The research environment maintained by Converging Networks Laboratory enables measuring and assessing the media experience of services and applications in different network environments. As a result you will get measurements and preconditions about right broadband connection for your services which allows viewing and using the media proficiently. In the laboratory there is variety of instruments which are produced by this research for example Qosmet– Enabling passive QoS measurements, but also different devices obtained from organizations.

Specialist services to support user driven development


OULLabs can offer companies and organisations specialist services for user driven development (e.g., service design and user studies) that help make products or services more suited to the end user’s needs.

Example 1: 12 test users and a usability specialist.
We recruit test users and provide a suitable specialist from our network to design and conduct a usability experiment and to analyse the results on your behalf.

Example 2: full service package for including users in the design process using various methods.
We recruit suitable test users, procure the necessary test environments and provide a team of specialists to conduct a user-oriented development project for your product or service from start to finish on your behalf.

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Service packages – All services in one place

Would it not be easier to sell your product or service if the views and experiences of users were taken into account in the design process? We invite you to familiarise yourself with our service packages. We can also tailor a service package to perfectly suit your needs.

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Recruiting test users to test a product or service

We provide target-group-specific test users and tools for effortless collection of user experience data either on-site or via our PATIO online forum. As an additional service, we provide specialists to guide the discussion. We also provide test facilities.



Users were recruited to test and evaluate Sensorfit’s Calories In-Out mobile app.

Test environments and users

We offer you versatile test environments that enable you to include the end user in the development process of your product or service in ways never seen before.


Oulu logo

Residents of Oulu were involved in the development of the Hiukkavaara in several test environments.

Full service package for involving users in the development process in versatile ways

Be a forerunner and develop your product or service in innovative ways in co-operation with users. This may consist of a single, one-time test or may be continuous evaluation at the different stages of the design process.

We recruit test users for an online discussion on the PATIO forum and/or for on-site testing in a suitable test environment on your behalf.

A team of specialists will conduct the test project in its entirety utilising their expertise. We will then compile a report based on the resulting observations and feedback.

EPPI ouka logot

The OULLabs specialist team helped involve residents and employees in the development of remote services.