End-users involved in the product and service development


Would it be easier to sell a product or service in the design of which users’ views and experiences have been taken into account?

Company, you can use the Innovation Voucher of Business Finland for our services

UX Consulting

Includes user experience experts’ quick feedback about the concept, product, or service

From 590 € + VAT (about 1,5h), delivery time 2-4 weeks

Test user recruitment

Includes recruiting and scheduling your target-group-specific users for product development or testing session

From 890 € + VAT (10 users), delivery time 2-3 weeks

Comprehensive expert evaluation

Includes expert evaluation and a comprehensive analysis of the user experience and customer benefit of the product or service, the presentation of the results and a report with the most significant findings

From 2 950 € + VAT, delivery time 2-4 weeks


User feedback on the online service

Includes user feedback collection design and implementation at PATIO service, and recruitment of target-group-specific users in accordance with the selected research method

From 2 950 € + VAT, delivery time 2-4 weeks

Co-design workshop

Includes recruiting participants, designing, implementing and documenting co-design events, presenting results and summarizing the output of the event

From 2 950 € + VAT, delivery time 2-4 weeks

On-site user study

Includes user study design and implementation in accordance with the selected research method, target-group-specific user recruiting and scheduling, usage of PATIO service, analysis of the data, presentation of the results, and a report with most significant findings

From 4 950 € + VAT. delivery time 4-6 weeks upon order

What is PATIO?

PATIO is a community of users and an online tool the idea of which is to involve target group users through various methods to the development and testing of products and services. At PATIO companies, research institutes and product development organizations can easily find out the views of their target group users. Several user-centered design methods are applicable to PATIO: a facilitated online discussion and a user diary for qualitative research and surveys to collect quantitative research data. PATIO is especially suitable for the development of products and services targeted at consumer market.

Read more: www.patiolla.fi/en