OULLabs facilitated the co-creation of future airport services

OULLabs has promoted living lab approach for companies and organizations especially in the Oulu region. Recently OULLabs organized co-creation activities the aim of which was to develop new user-driven airport services.  In September, OULLabs organized a workshop at the Oulu airport, where users and companies together further developed companies’ solutions for future airport services. The company solutions are the winners of an idea competition called IdeaSprint which was organized by BusinessOulu, OULLabs and 6Aika Open Innovation Platforms project earlier in the spring 2017. OULLabs’ aim is to take the winner solutions to the next level and more user-centric by bringing users, companies and customer company together to co-develop the solutions with the help of living lab methods. The first experience and feedback of the process has been encouraging: companies say they have got a lot of new knowledge and useful feedback from the users and customer company feels this kind of development an easy and productive way to find new, desirable and usable services for their airports. Winner solutions are possibly piloted at the airports.

More information:  contact@oullabs.fi

Picture:  A workshop at the Oulu airport: a group of users and company representative discussing one service solution of future airport