Companies and hospital professionals co-created new solutions in the YSI project

The results of the Six City Strategy (6Aika) YSI project were presented at the result seminar on 22nd November. The YSI project operators The University Hospitals and Universities of Oulu and Turku, Finland, have created and tested a completely new way to create new business through co-creation in hospital environment.

Pauliina Hyrkäs, YSI project manager at the Oulu University Hospital, says the project was very successful. “In Oulu, we have developed and tested a model that will bring companies, hospital professionals and clients together to develop future hospital services”.  As a result of the project, six new solutions to address the needs of medical care were developed.  These solutions were co-developed together with professionals and companies in different events facilitated and organized together with OULLabs, what they consider to be a unique opportunity. “It’s great to be involved in the development of new innovations,” says a professional of the Oulu University Hospital.

In the end of the project, the companies selected through the YSI Innovation Contest earlier this year were able to present the solution they developed in the project first to the evaluation jury consisting of key professionals and influencers of the hospital, and after that for wider audience in the result seminar. All five companies consider the co-creation of their solutions in cooperation with professionals and other stakeholders as an important and exceptional opportunity. For example, Kipuwex Oy developed a solution for children’s pain measurement, and CEO Marko Höynälä says that feedback from hospital professionals has been significant as it has changed the original idea a lot towards more user-friendly and needs based one. Essi Kariaho from the Pharmaceutical Information Centre Ltd tells that co-development and feedback has helped prioritize the development of an application for the recording of drug loss in the hospital. Committed professionals from specific areas and facilities have been available, which has been of utmost importance to them.

The evaluation team consisting of key professionals of the hospital selected the following solutions to continue co-operation with the Oulu University Hospital:

  • Mittari lapsipotilaan kivun arviointiin (meter for child patient pain evaluation), Kipuwex Oy
  • Lääkevaunu (mobile care station), VMP-Interior Oy
  • Sovellus lääkehävikin kirjaamiseen (application for recording a medicine loss), Pharmaceutical Information Centre Ltd


The evaluation team consisting of key professionals of the hospital selected the following solutions to continue co-operation with the Oulu University Hospital:

Mittari lapsipotilaan kivun arviontiin, Kipuwex Oy
Lääkevaunu, VMP-Interior Oy
Sovellus lääkehävikin kirjaamiseen, Lääketietokeskus Oy

Representatives of the winning solutions: Essi Kariaho, Pharmaceutical Information Centre Ltd., Timo Virko VMP-Interior Oy, Marko Höynälä, Kipuwex Oy, ja Tuomas Kärki, VMP-Interior Oy

The use of the approach developed and piloted in the YSI project will be continued: the model will be expanded with different stakeholders towards innovation process to be exploited locally in Oulu but also nationally and internationally. Work will continue alongside the international InDemand project, the national Virtual Hospital 2.0, and the Future Hospital 2030 programs.